Regimental Series Drums

The All New British Drum Company Marching Drums
The Regimental Series is the brand new range of marching drums from the British Drum Co.

Handcrafted in the UK to British Drum Co.’s highest standards, the Regimental Series represents a
groundbreaking moment in the evolution of marching drums. The range is comprised of four snare drums,
three bass drums and a tenor drum.

What makes the Regimental Series stand apart from the competition is the level of innovation incorporated
into the design of every single drum.

Each drum is handbuilt with an 8ply 5mm grade A Scandinavian Birch shell and finished with an interior
veneer of Old English Oak and a 45º bearing edge. Our art-deco inspired Palladium hardware adorns
every drum to deliver stylish and reliable functionality.

Every drum in the Regimental Series is supplied with a British Drum Co. Magnetik marching drum key
as standard.