Premier Traditional Series Drums

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Premier Traditional Series Snare Drums

Developed to exacting standards, Premier's traditional and military snare drums set the standard to which others aspire. For centuries the marching snare drum has been the call to arm of the celebrator of peace. All traditional snares feature a 5mm Birch Shell.

5mm Birch Shell

Shell size: 14"x12"

Diamond Chrome fittings

World Renowned Parallel Action Snare Strainer

Top Snare: Parallel throw off - 24 wires (1049S Only)
Bottom Snare: Throw off - 20 wires

Redesigned Premier Throw Off

Steel Hoop

Drumheads by Remo

Size available:
1047 - 14" x 10" (Single Snare)
1049 - 14" x 12" (Single Snare)
1049S - 14" x 12" (Double Snare)

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