CD - Great Irish Marches - Drums and Fifes 1st Bn Irish Guards

CD - Great Irish Marches - Drums and Fifes 1st Bn Irish Guards

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Great Irish Marches CD

Drums & Fifes 1st Battalion Irish Guards

Directed by Drum Major P.A. Teague
  1. Bugle Call of the 1st Battalion Irish Guards and the Fall in
  2. Company Marches of the 1st Battalion Irish Guards a) The Holy Ground   b) The Boys of Wexford  c)The Green Glens of Antrim  d) The South Douth Militia  e) The Star of the County Down.
  3. Old Irish War Marches a) O'Sullivan's March  b)Brian Boru's March
  4. The Irish Washerwoman Selection  a)The Irish Washerwoman   b)If You're Irish Come into the Parlour  c) McNamara's Band
  5. The Rake of Kildare
  6. Quick March - The Irish Guards
  7. Irish Slow Marches   a)The Black Velvet Band   b)The Wild Rover   c)When Irish Eyes are Smiling
  8. Shamrock Selections, Irish 6/8 Marches   a) The Kerry Dances   b)The Galway Races   c)Home Boys Home   d) The Hot Asphalt   e)Dear Old Donegal
  9. F Flute Solo - The Lament for Limerick
  10. Johnny Reb Selection - American Civil War Marches   a)Johnny Goes to Texas   b) The Rose of Alabamy   c)Marching Through Georgia  d) Dixie   e) Johnny I Hardly Knewye
  11. Begara & Slattery's Mounted Fut
  12. The Trumpet Hornpipe (Boson's Fancy)
  13. Quick March - The Aerial Review
  14. Irish Slow Marches  a) Spancil Hill   b) The Mountains of Mourne   c) The Wild Colonial Boy
  15. Old Irish Clan Marches  a) O'Rahilly's March   b) Shane O'Neil's March
  16. The Minstrel Boy and The Girl I Left Behind Me
  17. The Irish Jaunting Car
  18. Irish 4/4 Marches  a) Kelly The Boy from Killane   b)Fainne Gealan Lae   c) McApline's Fusiliers
  19. F Flute duet - Carrickfergus
  20. Irish Quicksteps   a) Garryowen   b) Nora Criena
  21. Retreat Marches   a) The Rose of Tralee   b) Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms
  22. Bugle Call - RETREAT
  23. Irish Jigs  a)Lanningan's Ball   b) Oaddy Carey's  c) Wreathe the Bowl
  24. Quick March - The Kosovo Micks
  25. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shores
  26. Regimental Slow March - Let Erin Remember
  27. Regimental Quick March - St Patrick's Day


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